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DAS employees have access to the most up to date asbestos removal equipment and personal protective equipment designed to reduce fibre levels to an acceptable standard. All equipment and spares are sourced from the UK's leading suppliers to meet all recommended standards with particular emphasis on PAS 60.

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The Group's fleet of vehicles includes several personnel carriers with separate secure compartments for asbestos disposal. All decontamination units are self-contained and are able to operate independently from site services. For work in difficult to access or sensitive environments, inflatable and easy-erect in line decontamination units are available.

The group carries a wide range of wholly owned equipment for the removal of asbestos with Negative Pressure Units ranging from 250 cfm up to 4,000 cfm. All asbestos removal equipment is regularly maintained and tested as a minimum every 6 months to PAS 60/2 Standard.

To meet the requirements of L143, vision panels are fitted to the working areas and where this is not possible or where practical, CCTV is fitted. These units are wireless, rechargeable CCTV units to enable freedom of viewing in all areas, even when power is not available.

Access equipment, to above head height working, ranges from simple hop ups, tower scaffolding and mobile elevated work equipment. System scaffolding is supplied by competent and licensed scaffold contractors.


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Thank you so much for 'brokering' an appointment for me with your Site Manager. I attached a picture taken from my flat across the street, which rather display why I am so captivated by the operation. Steve was very courteous & patient with his explanations. Your Team on site are great ambassadors for your business. The eventual rebuild will be far less interesting. With every good wish.

The Nosey Neighbour!